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Technical data.

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Vista de espalda y la mochila

See the backpack (you will locate this in the back, outside the Robot) and situation of the elements of the local control. Controls of the test and the antennas to send-receive data, you can locate this in an external side of the robot's body.
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Elements description:
1 up to 14

  1. access cover to inside head: The primary speaker and the three servos for head elevation, eyes movement and eye lashes elevation, they are inside.
  2. Electronic control: Leds array modulated by the voice sounds.
  3. VHF Reception antenna: Main control link. 
  4. UHF Rx/Tx antenna: Duplex Transmission, for audio reception, video and data acquisition.
  5. VHF Reception antenna: Secondary control Signs. 
  6. Bus wire and  DB-25 connectors: Supply of data and electric power to the robot's head.
  7. Servo: Head rotation, 6Volts - 12Wats - 2Amp.
  8. Hydraulic shock: It compensates the elevation and descent of the arm.
  9.  Display panel: Indicator State of batteries and fuses. 
  10. Emergency switch: Instantaneous stop of all motor servos and active electric circuits (reset). 
  11. Opening nuts: For the body inside access. 
  12. Audio Control Module: Voice volume and connection of the Full-Duplex system. 
  13. Power amplifier Module: 30 W RMS at 12V, for the voice audio system.
  14.  Waist turn: Coax balls bearing.

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Elementos en interior del cuerpo CPU

Inside backpack. See the components distribution inside in robot's body, are an internal compartment, easily accessible.
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Elements description:
15 up to 30

  1. Heay Power Servo: I rotate of the left arm, 12V/80W/7A. 
  2. Heay Power Servo: I rotate of the right arm, 12V/60W/7A. 
  3. Adjust: Servos of working (I rotate) of the arms. 
  4. Electronic control: Arms Servos. 
  5. Chain gear box: Servos of the arms. 
  6. Heay Power Servo: I rotate of the waist, 12V/60W/5A. 
  7. Electronic of control: Waist Servo. 
  8. Rotate Encoder Position:  Waist servo control. 
  9. Chain gear box: Servo of the waist.
  10. Connectors: Wire fast connenctors.
  11. RF Module (full-Duplex): Transmission and audio reception, video and data. 
  12. decoder Card: Audio signs, video and data. 
  13. Pin connectors: Channel assignments. 
  14. R.F. Receiver Box (PPM-PCM): Control Signs. 
  15. Decoder Modules: Control signs. 
  16. Main fuses box: Protection for the different circuits.

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31 up to 43

Vista en detalle de la plataforma de desplazamiento

See it here, the platform and the caterpillars for the displacement. Inside this, the batteries Lead-Calcium for the traction (12V/35A) and the auxiliary Nikel-cadmium batteries (6V/10A) they provide the enough energy for an autonomy of several hours working. It is also in this place, some unit of electronic system for traction of the Robot.
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Elements description:
31 up to 43

  1. Shock: Adjustable mechanism of the elevation central leg.
  2. Heavy Power Servo: That elevates the leg (12V/180W/15A).
  3. Close nuts: For the access to the inside batteries compartment and Electronic Traction Control. 
  4. It covers of batteries compartment: Traction Battery 12V/35A. Auxiliary battery 6V/12A. 
  5. cooling fan: It controls that they don't warm the internal systems.
  6. Electronic Guide Control : Supply of data and electric current to the traction motors. 
  7. Automatic switch (30A): It unplugs and it protects the main circuits 12V battery. 
  8. Automatic switch (5A): It unplugs and it protects the auxiliary circuits 6V battery. 
  9. Recharge connector: Plug to recharge the batteries.
  10. Platform: Chassis of the caterpillars and main compartment.  
  11. Caterpillars: All land displacement system. 
  12. Sweep rocking arm: Suspension sytem of the eccentric wheels. 
  13. Support wheel: Twins eccentric wheels. 

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44 up to 56

Visinforma.jpg (36252 bytes)

See it here, half plane front with the location of mechanisms and those most important elements.
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Elements description:
44 up to 56

  1. Infrared light focus: For night illumination of the video camera. 
  2. Mobile eye lashes: Motorized servo, they open up and they close completely. 
  3. Red light: Ignition when closing eye lashes, illuminates laterally. 
  4. Movile hand: Articulate and prehensile fingers, with electronic torque regulation.
  5. mouth LED:  Sequential ligth to the rhythm ofremaining  voice sounds. 
  6. Telescopic shocks: It balance of the head elevation mechanism. 
  7. Hand servo: Planetary gear box and lineal joining (6V/4W/1A). 
  8. Arms movement servo: They have aluminum gear box and steel chain transmission  with automatic shrink. (12V/12W/1A). 
  9. Shoulders servo: Elevation shoulder. They have aluminum gear box and direct transmission. (12V/12W/1A). 
  10. Elbow articulation: With incorporated electronic position  sensor and balls bearing. 
  11. Electronic card modules: Control of servo motors. 
  12. Hydraulic shocks: Balance of the arms elevation mechanism. 
  13.  LED's display: Control of consumed current and remaining electric power.
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