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Description and characteristic.

The image

José Luis & Seguritron. (176 KB)
In this high resolution picture that was made by the well-known photographer from Valladolid and graphic correspondent of "The Country", Agustín Cacho, you can appreciate the general aspect and the detail of the proportions and size of this impressive ROBOT. 
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The controls

Programmable radio station console. Reformed for manual or automatic remote control, with serial data input connection to the control and programming PC.


PC for control and automatic programming of the robot's functions, the voice, the movements, the batteries state, images and sounds reception, etc. The whole system can be automatically controlled with remote control.


ROBOT general description


In this page, I will I try to describe this amazing robot. Don't you think it is? Well, that is at least what those that have seen it say.

There is not doubt that it is the most similar thing to what most of the people understand popularly as  ROBOT, in other words, a machine with human aspect, with a body, arms and hands that catch things, head, eyes that move to look and... that moves... that speaks!... that he listens to you and he also answers to your questions with metallic voice!
"... What a problem to make that kind of machine...! It is necessary to solve many technical problems of mechanics, electricity, electronic... it won't be easy, it is also necessary much time and money and both things aren't really abundant for me ... Perhaps if I make some planes and some sketches... it could be possible then... Hummm... we will see!" 
This was something that I thought about time ago, above the year 1.993, but the thing is that it is there finished and working, the robot that came to be called Seguritron .
 "I cannot say very well the reasons that move me to attack such challenge (neither you ask me) it doesn't care but I assure you that it was not anything easy to make this machine and here I present to you the result." 
Good, without any delay, in a more literary way, I introduce you to this beautiful robot and he will describe himself:
"It's me, SEGURITRON, an experimental ROBOT." 

"My father and creator is JOSÉ LUIS M. FRAILE." 

"I must obey him based on the THREE LAWS of Asimov."
General description:
 "I'm a 175 Centimeters height from the floor to the head. I can bend over and move down 30 Centimeters by a motorized actuator that makes work the waist articulation." 

"I move in all ways by means of a provided caterpillars traction platform with independent movements and variable speed. I have for it two powerfull motors (4 poles and steel engagements gear box), with chain transmission to the caterpillars system, being the dimensions of this platform 80 Centimeters width and 100 Centimeters of base." 

"This platform incorporates a system of eccentric wheel with rocking arm suspension and helical spring compensation. Inside it, the Lead-calcium batteries for traction (12 Volts and 35 Amp.) and the auxiliary Nikel-cadmium batteries (6 Volts 10 Amp.). The provide the energy enough for an autonomy of several hours of operation." 

"The automatic thermal switch protection and the recharge connector are in an external side. The speed regulation electronics for the traction motors are in an easily accessible internal compartment, protection fuses and electronic drive unit." 

"My waist has two movements: 180º degrees rotation, transmitted by a  steel gear box with chain transmission. 30º degrees of inclination. I have for this movement, an hydraulic shock of compensation of force." 

"My arms can move them in three axes: The turn of the shoulder has 250º degrees with elastic compensador. The elevation of the shoulder of 90 degrees with hydraulic shocks. The elbow movement is also of 90º degrees. All these movements are performed by means of gear boxes, with final chain transmissions.

"My hands are also servo motorized. They have three fingers that open and close. I can catch objects of different shapes and weights. I have an Electronic Torke System for limiting stregth that prevents to harm if it applies excessive pressure." 

"My head is mechanically one of the most complex elements and it provides the following movements: 180º degrees of oscilation in horizontal axe and vertical movement of 30º degrees with two compensation shocks. My eyes are blue, shinny and three-dimensional, I can move them horizontally by means of a micro servo. The eye lashes oscillate vertically by another servo motor. The main speaker of the voice synthesizer is located inside and in its superior part I have a focus of infrared lightning. My mouth has a led array that light modulated by the sound of my voice." 

"The body contains the most important elements for the operation, in other words, the multi channel Duplex wireless communication system, the radio transmiter anthena, the audio controls and videotape, the processors and channel decoders, the general protection fuses and the shoulders and waist servo motors."
Overview of characteristics: 
"I am built in a modular way, with very solid and light materials." 

"I can move over almost any land type, I move the arms, the shoulders, the hands, the waist, the head, the eyes and the eye brows."

"All the movements can be performed simultaneously, this means that a movement doesn't stop the execution of another."  

"Of course, I can also speak and maintain a conversation with my own voice, by means of artificial intelligence technics or in an interactive way with my controller's voice."
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Description and characteristic of Robot Seguritron

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